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ART-SP1 Magnet Scaler and Polisher In-One

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ART SP1 Magnetostrictive scaler/ polisher in-one

ART SP1 Magnetostrictive scaler & polisher in-one


The ART-SP1 is a magnetostrictive scaler and polisher all in one unit. Just push the button to switch from scaling to polishing mode. Furthermore, the polisher is compatible with most major brand polishing cups and paste so you can use your favorite cups and paste.

Approved for veterinary use only.

Part Numbers:

  • 110V Model: SP1-1-ARTQ-A1-00-0
  • 220V Model: SP1-2-ARTQ-A1-00-0

Included Parts & Accessories:

  • ART SP1 scaler/ polisher in-one main unit
  • Attached scaling hand piece
  • Foot switch
  • Micro-motor
  • Micro-motor rubber stand
  • Polishing straight hand piece attachment
  • Polishing prophy head
  • Power cord
  • One IF-50 (25KHz) universal internal flow scaling insert

Polishing cups and paste not included.
Included accessories may vary per region.

Note: The ART-SP1 does NOT come with 2 inserts as shown in the picture

Replaceable Parts:

  • MM0003-051: Micro-motor
  • MM0003-052: Straight nose cone
  • MM0003-052B: Prophy head
  • PP0031-002: Universal foot switch

Scaler Specifications:

  • Power output: 10W~30W ± 10%
  • Operating frequency: 24.5KHz ± 5%
  • Water supply: 172~414 kpa

Polisher Specifications:

  • Speed: 2,000~30,000 rpm
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