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ARTeotomy OP1.

ARTeotomy OP1 Bone Surgery System

Project Description

ARTeotomy OP1

Piezoelectric Bone Surgery System

OP1 Bone Surgery System

OP1 Bone Surgery System

Only available at DoWell Dental Products, Inc. for North American Regions.


The ARTeotomy OP1 piezo surgical system is a smart choice for bone surgery, sinus lifts, periodontal surgery, endodontic surgery, and orthodontics.

The ARTeotomy features a touch screen interface and wireless Bluetooth foot switch providing ease of use. In addition, the device utilizes a modulated driving signal which boosts the vibration of the bone saw and allows shorter treatment time and effective cutting on hard and deep sections. The ARTeotomy comes equipped with an automatic gain closed loop control circuit that locks-in the optimal frequency of the tip based on constant conditions.

The ARTeotomy is compatible with tips from most major brands, which allows you to use your favorite tips.

ISO and CE certified 510K registered

The ARTeotomy OP1 is available only at DoWell Dental Products, Inc. for North American regions

Special Features:

  • Touch screen interface
  • Wireless Blutooth foot control
  • Auto gain closed loop control circuit
  • Safe mode

Included Parts and Accessories:

  • OP1 Main Unit
  • Hand piece
  • Foot switch
  • Stainless steel container for holding accessories during sterilization
  • Torque controlled metal wrench designed to prevent tips from breaking during installation
  • Assorted tip set with tip holder

Included accessories may vary per region

ART BM Series Tips for OP1:

  • BM-RS01: Bone saw straight-angled tip
  • BM-BS2L: Bone saw left-angled tip
  • BM-BS2R: Bone saw right-angled tip
  • BM-HB01: Flat scraper tip
  • BM-HB02: Round scraper tip
  • BM-EX01: Extraction tip
  • BM-EX1L: Extraction left-angled tip
  • BM-EX1R: Extraction right-angled tip
  • BM-OT1: Osteotomy close to nerves
  • BM-OT4: Ridge expansion
  • BM-OT5: Sinus lift technique
  • BM-PS1: Periodontal curette tip
  • BM-PS2: Periodontal scaling tip
  • BM-PS6: Periodontal angled curette tip
  • BM-SL1: Initial sinus membrane separation
  • BM-1S: Periodontal preparation tip
  • BM-10P: Periodontal preparation tip
  • BM-EL2: Sinus membrane elevation tip
  • BM-EL3: Sinus membrane elevation tip
  • BM-War: Warrior sectioning tip


  • Power Supply:
    • 110v-115V ±5% ~50/60Hz 30VA
    • 220-230V ±5% ~50/60Hz 30VA
  • Working Frequency: 26KHz ~ 32KHz
  • Delivery Rate of Pump: Max. 100 ml per minute
  • Device dimension:
    • 20cm(L) x 36cm(W) x 11cm(H)
    • 7.87inches x 14.17inches x 4.33inches
  • Irrigation bag stand length: 45 cm / 17.72 inches
  • Hand piece and cable assembly length: 250 cm / 8.20 ft.
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