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Bonart P-100 Series Insert.

Bonart P-100 Series Insert

Project Description

Bonart P-100 Series Insert

P-100 straight angled insert

P-100 straight-angled slim insert

The P-100 series is a slim, external flow insert with a metal grip. The slim tip is best for perio scaling of calculus on sensitive areas of the mouth. Water flows from an external tube above the tip.

Straight (P-100), left (P-100L) and right-angled (P-100R) models available.

Compatible with most major brand magnetostrictive scalers.

CE and ISO certified
510K registered

  • P100, 25KHz, Straight-angled: TM0103-032
  • P100L, 25KHz, Left-angled: TM0003-032
  • P100R, 25KHz, Right-angled: TM0003-012
  • P100, 30KHz, Straight-angled: TM0103-052
  • P100L, 30KHz, Left-angled: TM0003-052
  • P100R, 30KHz, Right-angled: TM0003-042
  • Water flow: External
  • Water tube: Metal
  • Power setting: Low to medium
  • Tip: Stainless Steel
  • Stem: Stacked nickel strip
  • ART-M1
  • ART-M3II (25KHz model)
  • ART-MB3 (25KHz model)
  • ART-SP1
  • ART-M3II (30KHz model)
  • ART-MB3 (30KHz model)

Project Details

  • Client Bonart P-100 Series Insert
  • Date March 14, 2013
  • Tags Scaling Tips & Inserts

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